Application Services

The following criteria are taken into consideration in our general mechanical installation applications:


In the application phase of mechanical projects, timing is the ultimate key to success. The project to be applied should be well analyzed, work load and work force must be correctly assessed, a realistic work schedule should be prepared and then carried out without interruption. However, another factor as vital as these is having experienced staff that works diligently. The experience we have accumulated makes us very ambitious when it comes to delivering every contract on time.

Product selection:

The systems to be applied are as varied as the equipment used in these systems. Equipment required for the system are evaluated for quality, price and logistics and then the most suitable products are selected.

Compatibility with other disciplines:

In the application phase, we work in harmony and cooperation with all the other disciplines (construction-architecture-electricity-automation, etc.)

Quality in application:

Not compromising from quality is our company policy. All the applications of our company are strictly auto-controlled for technical and esthetic concerns.

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