Caribbean project...

Natural beauty, luxurious life style and a first class service for its inhabitants. more

Akkoza project...

Residential units, shopping mall, hospital, private school and dense natural areas... more

Welcome to intersistem!

You are at the right address for quality service in mechanical installation. We would like to give some information about the services that our innovative and idealist staff provides.

We aim to provide services that exceed your expectations, to help you choose the best according to your requirements and to protect you against unexpected time and budget surprises.

We believe that the most important asset of a company is “satisfied customers” and acting on that motto, both the management and the staff at Intersistem work to increase the number of our satisfied customers with the same desire and eagerness since the day the company has been founded.

Quality first!

In accordance with the mission of our establishment, we aim to provide all kinds of construction and mechanical installation services. more


Save the nature!

To leave future generations an environment they will be able to live in, intersistem has adopted the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. more


Offered services

Project: We believe that the most important element of a successful project is to determine the need correctly with the experienced staff. more

Application: In our general mechanical installation applications, timing is the ultimate key to success. more

intersistem : Dilek Sabancı Cad. Tasarımkent Sitesi 19 E No: 3 Ataşehir Istanbul Turkey T: 90 216 445 12 00 F: 90 216 445 12 06 E: info@intersistem.com.tr

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